The Nigeria Times is a Nigeria media organization dedicated to helping people understand the world through unrivaled, on-the-ground, expert and deeply reported independent journalism.

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage on the world’s technology to bring firsthand news and information to people — without fear or favor. We are the most powerful engine for independent, boots-on-the-ground, deeply reported journalism, and setting the standard for the most ambitious and innovative storytelling. Together, we make our journalism more insightful, meaningful and essential to the daily lives of the global community we serve.

Our People

Our team comprises of seasoned world class journalists, reporters, ICT Consultants, Videographers, Social media experts, programmers and content managers.  At The Nigeria Times, we employ journalists, developers, strategists, videographers, marketers, art directors and many others. Our employees are dedicated people at all stages of their careers who bring different perspectives and practices to The Times. Let’s meet some of them.


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